TREDAIRE KING CARPET UNDERLAY for underfloor heating

TREDAIRE KING CARPET UNDERLAY for underfloor heating
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Tredaire King is a heavy duty, low-tog comfort underlay manufactured in the United Kingdom

Suitable for use with underfloor heating, with a thermal resistance of 0.8 togs and an excellent sound impact reduction value of 42db, this underlay can be used around the home and will give superb underfoot comfort in all installations whether over underfloor heating or otherwise. 

This underlay is approximately 8.3mm thick and will soften the sound of footsteps and help suppress noise transference.

The manufacturer has crafted an underlay that combines the low tog value required to maximise efficiency of underfloor heating, with a depth allowing great underfoot feel not found in other similar products.


From just £ 8.59 sq. mtr

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Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Sponge Rubber
Nominal Thickness
Density N/A
Thermal Insulation
0.80 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
42 db est
Top Surface
Bottom Surface
Coloured Dimpled
Comfort Rating
Suitability Underfloor heated areas, Living areas, stairs, bedrooms


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