CLOUD 9 CAVIAR & CRYSTAL 11mm Carpet Underlay

CLOUD 9 CAVIAR & CRYSTAL 11mm Carpet Underlay
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Caviar & Crystal, part of the Cloud 9 PU foam underlay from Ball & Young. This exceptionally high density underlay is intended for prestige and luxury domestic applications. It has an exceptional sound impact sound reduction value of 42db (est) together with thermal insulation properties of 3.00 (est) tog. This absolute top-of-the-range underlay is pure luxury.

This range was originally called Caviar & Champagne until those nice suited men and women in Brussels, who must (back then) be obeyed, decreed that because it was not made in the Champagne region of France, it could not carry the Champagne name. We kid you not !



Just £7.69 sq. mtr


perfect quality carpet underlay 


Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Very High
Thermal Insulation
3.00 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
42 db est
Top Surface
Stitch bonded paper
Bottom Surface
Non woven fabric
Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, bedrooms


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