TREADMORE 8mm Dense Rubber Underlay

TREADMORE 8mm Dense Rubber Underlay
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Treadmore 8mm carpet underlay is suitable for the heaviest wear areas including heavy contract use. Great for use on stairs and in hallways where heavy foot traffic is concentrated and will maintain carpet apperance for longer.

Treadmore crumb rubber underlay is made using rubber that is recycled from the automotive industry and is therefore an environmentally friendy product that can again be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet under which it is laid from new.

Image for illustration only, actual colour of underlay may vary.



from £ 6.69 sq. mtr with maximum roll discount


Full roll quantity is 10.96 square metres. See 'buy-now' box for roll prices

perfect quality carpet underlay 


Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Dense Rubber Crumb
Nominal Thickness
Density N/A
Thermal Insulation
1.03 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction

32 db est

Top Surface


Bottom Surface
Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, stairs, bedrooms

clivesaysA substantial rubber carpet underlay for heavy wear areas and especially good for use on stairs. The thermal insulation (tog value) is now substantially better and there is also an increased sound impact reduction value. You will not find this product in most carpet shops, as with their margins added, it would possibly cost more than the carpet. !!!

We offer this range from just £4.99 per square metre with maximum roll discount and as we also sell by the square metre you can buy exactly as much as you need, so no expensive waste. Standard delivery is just £9.95 - that's cheaper than an online competitor who charges up to £65 - yes, up to £65 !!! for delivery.


carpet underlay delivered next day lowest prices



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